(Disclaimer: I'm not a relationship expert. I will say that I have read, studied, talked to countless "so called experts" and see first hand what works and what doesn't. There is no guarantee if you following my guideline you will win your ex back. Some people are able to move on from a failed relationship quite easily, others are not. These are my theories (and theories from others) and as such, will have variations depending upon the circumstances.)

1. LET GO: Yes, I said LET GO.


No matter how much you love and care for your ex, as long as you stay attached to them and are hoping/praying for a second chance, you will not follow the rest of the guideline and heal completely unless you first truly let go. The reason for this is allow your heart to heal, to focus on self-reflection and improvement and to get your mind and body in a state of happiness. No second chance will work if you are still pining and miserable over losing your ex.

Ok I found this article on a form for every one looking for a 2nd chance. It makes perfect sense too. At the end of the steps for a 2nd chance there will be a link where I got it from.

Ok, here's some information I have gathered about second chances. Now, understand that even under ideal conditions, the odds of a second chance actually working is about 5%. The odds go up, however, if you keep the following information in mind.

The website will be updated monthly adding different songs adding new article and etc. Its Just a website for all those bad broken hearts to find a place to ease their pain and hopefully heal!