After a break-up the immune system goes down hill.
To help it get (healthy) again, tips or listed below.
Of course your appetite is low, try to eat more or it could cause sickness (cold) and no one wants that.
Don’t go so fast, slow your pace. Your body is in a fragile state, take time off and take a rest.
No matter what friends and family give good emotional support, don’t go thru this alone.
This is hard too do, but don’t let your self go. Your appearance will affect on how you feel about your self.
Talk or write about the break-up, it helps.
Don’t think no one will ever love you again, that’s negative thinking stop thinking that!! Every thing happens for a reason.

Don’t drink!! Don’t over do drinking, drinking heavily leads to depression which will delay your healing process it will for sure get you out of shape.

Watch what you eat and how much you eat, never eat after the sun goes down. You are what you eat!
Stay healthy I know it hurts but get out there be active. Go on a healthy diet/exercise program of your own design. Even if you don't need to lose any weight, eating well and exercising regularly is as good for mental and emotional health as it is for physical health. You'd be surprised how much what you eat can affect your some research into what's healthy and what isn't, and then watch what you eat!
The website will be updated monthly adding different songs adding new article and etc. Its Just a website for all those bad broken hearts to find a place to ease their pain and hopefully heal!