Hi everyone, about this website is for everyone that has been heart broken in the past or right now. All the information on this website is gathered all over the internet that i have found to be somewhat useful. There are many sections on this web site for all you heart broken people that you can click on and hopefully heal your heart.

Health: An area to stay healthy after a break up or to get back in shape to make your self look good again.

Music: A place selected by many other people that help them deal with a brake up.

Books: if you like ready then this is the area for you. Many books on how to deal with a break up and also books on how to fix your relationship or have a better relationship.

Letting Go: Some article that maybe useful to read on how to let go.

2nd Chances: A very good guide to get your ex book. If it doesn’t work then it also a great good to help you let go and get that heart the way it use to be.


The website will be updated monthly adding different songs adding new article and etc. Its Just a website for all those bad broken hearts to find a place to ease their pain and hopefully heal!