Love hearts but remember it can always be healed no matter what you think or believe. Even though at times it seems so hard to move on every one has been there. Pain makes you know you are still alive kicking life, so keep your head up and look for another day.

Updated 7/18/2008
Change the page a bit and added more video check it out!!

The website will be updated monthly adding different songs adding new article and etc. Its Just a website for all those bad broken hearts to find a place to ease their pain and hopefully heal!

If you guys have any other ideas that may help this website to improve by helping others, give me an email. I love to help people out.

Try your best to be healthy, tips on how to get into great shape over a break up.

Lots of music that will help you. Let the music heal your heart.

Books are great if you love to read.

Letting go
Articles found that will help the broken heart. How to let go? Hope this helps.

2nd chance?
Articles found for a 2nd chance or just to help heal the heart.

"Broken Heart" it is the worse feeling in the world

Yeah being heart broken suck my-x left me for money. But I’m over it and I want her to be happy. I want you guys to be over your X too so I try to make a site that help people because there’s not that much site out there! This is the place to heal! And hopefully I will not see you guys back!! Why because I want you guys not be heartbroken hehe..

It Breaks My Heart

It breaks my heart to see gas prices so high and every one agrees. a year ago it was at
2.983 USA, 110.820 Canadian.
Now 4.079 USA, 137.467 Canadian
find a low prices gas station around the block for you!



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